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Problems on the Poisson process

(1) let N(t) be a Poisson process of rate p, calculate E([N(3)-N(1) | N(2))


Equilateral convex polygons

How many kinds of equilateral convex polygons with all sides having the unit length can be constructed from
unit equilateral triangles and unit squares?

Numbers with same number of 1 bits

There is a series of numbers in ascending order. All these numbers have the same number of binary 1s in
them. Write a function f(m, n) that returns the nth ...

Determine if a number is a power of an integer

Describe an algorithm to find out if an integer is a square.

Geometric median of a graph

Given the adjacent matrix of a connected acyclic graph. Let the weights of all its edges are 1. Define the geometric median of the graph as the node v such ...