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Russian roulette

You are playing Russian roulette with a six chamber revolver,
you load 2 bullets into the revolver in adjacent chambers. You spin
the barrel place the gun to your head ...

Probability of getting at least one phone call each day

My telephone rings 12 times each week, the calls being randomly distributed among the 7 days. What is the probability that I get at least one call each day?

Post-order traversal of a BST

Determine if a given array can be the post-order traversal
of a binary search tree. For example, [1,3,2] is the post
order traversal of the binary search tree

Equal-distance points on a sphere

What's the maximum number of dots one can paint on a ball, so that the distance between all dots are equal.

Basketball scores

A basketball player is taking 100 free throws. She scores one point if the ball passes through the hoop and zero point if she misses. She has scored on her ...