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World Series

A和B两个队比赛,七局四胜制, 没有平局, 哪个队先胜四场比赛就结束。每场比赛之前我都要下注(金额不一定

Skyline Extraction

Input: A set of overlapping buildings. A building b_i = (l_i, r_i, h_i) is a 3-tuple of left edges l_i < r_i and a height h_i (>0).

Output: A ...

A game of N gamblers

In a game of N gamblers, the ith gambler starts the game with a_i dollars. In each round, two gamblers selected at random make a fair bet, and the winner ...

Array balancing point

A balancing point of an N-element array A is an index i such that all elements on lower indexes have values <= A[i] and all elements on higher indexes have ...

Preserving sums of squares

let N be the set of natural numbers, i.e., the set of nonnegative integers.
Describe all functions f: N->N such that
f(p^2+q^2) = f(p)^2 + f(q)^2 ...

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