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Partition of plane and 3-dimensional space

(1) Into how many parts is the plane divided by N straight lines in general position? How many of these regions are infinite?

(2) Into how many solid regions ...

How many times a day does a clock's hands overlap?

Birthday Holidays

Labor laws in Erewhon require factory owners to give every worker a holiday whenever one of them has a birthday and to hire without discrimination on grounds of birthdays. Except ...

Count numbers

Fill in the blanks:

This sentence contains __ 1's, __ 2's, __ 3's, __ 4's, __ 5's, __ 6's, __ 7's, __ 8's, __ 9's and __ 0's.

Minimum number of jumps

You are given an array of positive integers. You have to traverse the array with rules that if you are on ith element u can make max arr[i] jumps i.e. ...

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